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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The hoax makes the news

The photoshop hoax that used my camera trapped photo just became a story in the Yakima Herald.

Thanks to Scott Sandsberry for hunting me down and producing the article.

My blog hits are waning a bit, down to the high hundreds now, but I definitely picked up some new readers.

Thank you, artful photoshopper, wherever you are. 


Anonymous said...

The hoax brought me to your blog! I am so happy to find it too. Great images you have here. Thanks for sharing!

Laura L. said...

I came via Patrick Burns "Terrierman". He occasionally links to one of your photos and they're always pretty cool.

Zach said...

Um, I believe I was looking up trail cameras and the like when I stumbled accross this. Love it. I'm currently working on a grant to get some trail cameras for the ecology class I'm in.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching your blog for about three years. You and Game Camera Photo Log. Great work and amusing, informative writing. One of my faves. I was a recepient of the photoshopped hunter with cougar flic in an email from a friend. I figured immediately that it was a fake. Didn't realize it was one of yours. Nice work. Keep it up.


cliff said...

I keep an eye on your blog because I like the variety of animals, rodents are left out on most trail cameras. I noticed the photo on a forum and new it was a fake but never would I have believed it was your cougar photo from the blog. It was a terrible cat picture, not near what I would expect from you. Couldn't resist, just having some fun with you, they did do a good job of photoshopping, but anyone that understand animal behavior would know in a second that it was fake. To take the time to set up a camera on a tripod, then rush around to get into the photo and lift the elk head before the camera took a picture would be tough to do, but have a cougar get into the picture while all this was going on would be nearly impossible.

I have studied animal behavior all my life and especially cats and have never seen a cougar in the wild.

Glad you got the extra hits on your blog, but the bat photo with a trail cam draws my attention.

Keep up the good work, cliff