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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Singles scene at the waterhole

Taylor Spring, August 17, 10:27 PM. 

There's something in the air. The scent of a woman.

On and off he has been tracking her, but he is easily distracted by thirst and good fodder, not to mention other bucks who pause to admire his antlers and spar.

When the acorns drop he'll start to bulk up, and by November he'll reach his fighting weight.

Then the rut will begin.

The annual orgiastic sex-fest is a short-lived phenomenon, and if bucky is lucky he'll only be limping when it's over.

Meanwhile he'll just follow the does, spar with his neighbors, and sample urine spots on the ground.

All for a few moments of carnal knowledge.

A minute later, savoring a urine spot. 


Just Jo said...

Just watched a similar story with moose at our cabin. Had 5 bulls in the yard courting the most popular girl on the mountain. What a treat to watch! Love your blog site.

Camera Trap Codger said...

Jo -- You gotta love-em.

I'll get to you shortly on email about the misshapen moose antlers.

Anonymous said...

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