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Monday, November 15, 2010

Four visits -- four views

August 17, 1:27 AM -- Day 6

Back from a few cool days on the Chimineas, the camera trapping wonderland, but I am running a bit low on material.

The previous trip was a hard act to follow, and this time there were no surprises -- only the usual suspects

So we're serving up a few shots of bobcat(s) from a 38-day set made by the team in mid-August.

This is on top of the rock pile where we photographed a bobcat last winter.

The bait is secreted in the crack between the two rocks at the right.

None of the pictures was cropped, so you can see how the cat(s) moved around on the 4 occasions it visited the set.

August 22, 1:33 AM -- Day 6
Yes, the first two pictures of the same cat.

Aug 22, 9:39 PM -- Day 11
And it looks like she visited again 5 days later.

August 27, 10:28 PM --  Day 36

Not sure it was the same cat on the last visit, because it's behind the rock on the left.

It was upstaged by a moth impersonating a bat with landing gear deployed.


Anonymous said...

Where is it exactly? I can only see the moth. :-)


Camera Trap Codger said...

Look at the contour of the rock against the black background on the left side and you will see the cat's back. If that doesn't reveal it, then check each preceding photo and you will see the difference in the last one.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes now I see it! Holy cow - it looks so much like a boulder. Thanks. Boy, you have sharp eyes.

-- Marilyn

Just Jo said...

Well, I for one, like bobcats just as much as barn owls.