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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tracking the trail boozers

The trail boozers had recently passed through.

An empty bottle of Stoopid was stuck in a stump.

A cast-off bottle like that would never drown a shrew, I thought, so maybe they're not really that stoopid.

I changed my mind a few steps later.

A bottle of Arrogant Bastard was lying on the side of the trail.

Their choice of beverages seemed to say it all.


JK said...

Names aside they do have good taste in beer. I usually never run across micro-brews, but Bud and Coors cans everywhere.

biobabbler said...

I know a biologist who always stomps on glass bottles/jars he comes upon because it catches and keeps myriad beetles, and then THAT becomes a draw for herps, etc. Very destructive plus horribly lazy and callous habit. Perfectly named beverages!

Anonymous said...

What clods! I wouldn't leave anything less than a Wild Turkey bottle myself.

Anonymous said...

Fun stuff, you old codger. Keep it up!


KB said...

Yes, their beverage choices say it all. Good laugh, though.

Anonymous said...

Your next project could be to camera trap the "trail boozers" and put their images on your blog for all to see.
Their choice of brew says much about their character.

BLD in MT said...

Arrogant Bastards....that really it too perfect of a name for the situation.