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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nest cam update

Richards 6 titmice are ready to fledge at 21 days.

We watched them on his TV monitor today.

The most rambunctious of the clutch kept flying up to the hole to peek out, and everytime it dropped back into the nest its siblings went into a frenzy of begging and wing flapping-- obviously mistaking it for a parent.

My screech owl box was appropriated by a pair of northern flickers about 2 weeks ago.

The seventh egg appeared yesterday between 9 and 10 AM.

Today one of the eggs disappeared. I presume it was damaged and the hen disposed of it.

I expect she'll get serious incubation very soon.


Seagull Steve said...

Nest cams...fun stuff! I didnt know titmice had such big clutches. Now if only I had the gnack for gadgetry...

Shervin Hess et al said...

You've found the only TV show worth watching. What channel is that?

Kitt said...

Jiminy. That's a lot of little flickers to feed!

JK said...
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JK said...

I gotta say Flickers are just about as cool as owl. Really cool stuff.