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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Camtrappers' rendezvous

Seabass enters the lair of the bear

Yes, sometimes you find a bear in the den, and sometimes you just look like you found a bear in the den.

Readers of Camera Trap Codger may have forgotten that only a month ago the stalwart class of 2011 deployed their final camera trap sets with remarkable derring-do.

I'm reminding you again, because this week we assembled on the north branch of the Yuba River to gather those cams.

It was a mellow late summer day, not unlike a rendezvous of mountain men.

The difference was that the trappers included three women, there were no Indians, no one bartered beaver pelts for trade goods, and there was no booze.

This latter point was an issue of some regret, as one of the ladies rather convincingly made the point that an alcoholic libation would have been an appropriate conclusion to such a productive day.

Next time.

Despite the aid of GPS we bumbled about finding our sets, but we had a good day and made a good haul.

It's going to take the Codger some time to tabulate the data and ponder the material, and I pen this post to alert you that the next few communications will highlight the results.

And you will not find all of the results here either;  some "free trappers" were working the area too.

If you do not subscribe to Nature of a Man and Camera Trapping Campus, shame on you, but be sure to check those blogs by the Codger's trainees.

Their transcendental essays and evocative photos will be well worth your time.

So stay tuned and have patience as we crank out the results.

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