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Monday, October 20, 2008

A comely bobcat

A comely bobcat paused to look at the camera and then was gone. From Rich's recent dispatch from the Cleary Reserve cams.


Kitt said...

What a fabulous capture!

I saw a fox trotting around my neighborhood today, but he was gone before I could think to grab the camera. They're very common here, but cagey.

Camera Trap Codger said...

You need a camera trap in your backyard, Kitt.

Beverly said...

Yes, very pretty cat!

My dog once cornered a Lynx... it looked NOTHING like that! Quite frankly, I never expected to see a Lynx in this neck of the woods; I was quite happy my dog didn't attack it! He's a big boy (Akbash Dog), but I wonder how he'd have fared. He has the sense not to attack the bears, either...thank the gods.

Anyway...on to why I stopped by:

Have you seen this clip?

There's no sound...but notice the little rat to the left, behind the house...before he tries to enter. I LOVE IT! ...and thought, for some reason, you might get a kick out of it, too. ;)

Thanks, Owlman! (he hooked us up with the clip.)

Camera Trap Codger said...

That is a great video. Owlman has solved the problem of pesky squoyals.

Seeing a lynx is a special treat. I know they have been recorded in Colorado, but have no idea how easy it is to see them. Wonderful.

Kitt said...

I'd capture a lot of cats and maybe raccoons, I think. (Surprised a family of seven earlier this summer.) I did have foxes at my old house, not far away.

Camera Trap Codger said...

Cool pics, Kitt. Esp. like the fox on the cold tin roof.

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