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Monday, October 13, 2008

Pumas--more of the same

Let me know if you are tired of puma pictures. Though pictures of charismatic rodents like showtls send me into falsetto exclamatory rapture, I still get a thrill from pumas.

Rich found these two shots on one of the Cleary Reserve cams this weekend. And speaking of thrill, one of the photos was taken only three hours before he arrived on the scene. Not to worry. He had a class of students with him, which usually disperses wildlife for miles around. (One of these days I'll tell the story of a hike with a group of Brazilians.)

It looks like a young adult female. The spots on the inside of the hind leg could be remnants of the spotted coat of juveniles. If they don't disappear with the next moult they'll help us identify this cat in the future.

Oh yes -- a confession. These pictures sure helped me get the lead out today. I shifted into overdrive trying to finish my winterizing projects. Once the firewood is cut, the brush shredded, gutters cleaned, and the new skylight is in place, I plan to meet Rich in Marin county to begin a new camera trapping survey.

Meanwhile, just sign me, Harry Homeowner.


Anonymous said...

Never would get tired of puma pictures! We've had some alledged puma sightings here in Marin County, in Novato in a community I recently moved out of called Bahia. This community is surrounded by open space - oak woodlands, hills, wetlands. The cat was seen a couple of times (allegedly of course), but the sightings were credible enough that Fish and Game sent a biologist out to a public meeting.


Beverly said...

Who could EVER get tired of big cat pics? We have a couple that occasionally are seen in the shadows of the early evening here in town and we're surrounded by beautiful forests and mountains; I even lived off grid for three years at the edge of the San Isabel Nat'l Forest...and yet I've never seen anything but footprints in person. [sigh]

Thanks again, for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

I am always amazed at the pictures these cameras catch. I am not tired of the puma thats for sure.

Owlman said...

Tired of pumas, ROFL - I don't think so!

Anonymous said...

Tired of pumas?!?! Never!! That's a beauty. What is she sniffing?

Camera Trap Codger said...

Okay, I feel better. She's sniffing a salt block. And we'll see if we get pumas in Marin county. I expect we will, so you'll be seeing more.

Chrissy said...

Never would I get tired of puma pics. Keep them coming.

Unknown said...

While the K-Rats are lovely too the puma is something that no true camera trap codger fan should ever tire of. I stalked a leopard last night who was grunting for a female but alas no photos. cheers, James Christian
Walking Safaris in Kenya

Anonymous said...

Tired of Puma pictures?

In any way, shape or form:
Nevah, Evah

- Ojb