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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Coyote beautiful

Whoever came up with "coyote ugly" never saw this aristocratic face.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and SO smart!

We had a coy/dog that looked just like this - and was the best friend who ever came to live with us! He could fade away into the underbrush in about 2 seconds.


Heather Houlahan said...

Coyote ugly refers to the observer, not the observed. It's what happens when you wake up next to the previous night's booty call, as s/he slumbers on your arm.

There's a certain threshold of what have I done that, when the beer goggles drop off, causes one to chew one's arm off in order to slip away undetected.

Like a coyote in a trap.

Retrieverman said...

I love seeing coyotes, especially when they run away (which is every time). They move with such grace that even greyhounds are put to shame.

Their eyes are hauntingly beautiful. I've never seen such eyes in a domestic dog, though liver and chocolate dogs with green eyes often approach this aspect.

ReneeFromMagalia said...

Coyote beautiful is right! Makes me miss So Cal.