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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gray fox's co-napper

I had missed it completely.

The napping tarantula hanging from the wall of the sandstone grotto.

Behind the sleepy gray fox.

My fellow camera trapper and Cal Fish & Game biologist Craig Fiehler pointed it out to me. 

It seems the spider joined the fox in its high noon siesta.

It just hung there peacefully for at least a half hour.

Just wanted to pointed it out. 


John W. Wall said...

I never would have thought a tarantula would hang out like that. Such a photographically productive grotto.

Retrieverman said...

I bet that gray fox would try to eat a tarantula, but the tarantula is better off that it didn't pick a cave with a white-nosed coati in residence:


randomtruth said...

Maybe the tarantula was trying to decide how big his appetite and cojones were... :)

Jason said...

Hi Chris,

I know this comment is a little off topic but can you help me id the species of wood rat living under my cabin in Colorado? I have a few pictures here:


If you would prefer to reply in email mine is thegreengrassgrows@gmail.com

Thank you,

Jason said...

Sorry the link was:


Camera Trap Codger said...

Thanks RM -- Great footage of the coati, who had no problem with the uticaceous hairs. Must have been a tame subject for that kind of footage.

Jason, that's a fine specimen of a bushy-tailed wood rat you have there. And by the way, here are about six species of wood rats in Colorado.