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Friday, January 22, 2010

Going within

Other than troglodytes and dumb camera trappers one never knows what goes into places like this.

But Craig, ever hopeful of documenting the astute bassarisk (otherwise known as the ringtail), thought this large collapsing outcrop had possibilities.

So did Randontruth and yours truly.

It was also an opportunity to use the expansion post.

In truth, the expansion post was our only hope for fixing the camera at the back of the recess.

It was all solid rock.

But extending the screw while reclining in rat doodoo was not a yoga position I would recommend, and the 5 minute wrist workout convinced me I really didn't want lower arms like Popeye, and the design of the expansion post is flawed.

Randomtruth, who was busy taking these pictures (thanks, mann), knew right away that an effective expansion post should be capable of quickly extending to the desired length, and anchoring tightly in place with a few twists of the screw.

Hey, live and learn.

When we were finished close to an hour later, the set looked like this.

Next week you'll see what showed up.


randomtruth said...

Yep - staff photographer and design critic - that's me! :)

Chas S. Clifton said...

That's a big ol' bell that Fred has to carry around! Nevertheless, he seems to take his assignment seriously.

Camera Trap Codger said...

You're right about that Chas. The reviews on Cabelas were not favorable --"Its a cowbell...too big for my dog...etc." But I wanted something I could hear, and falcon bells didn't do the trick. Fred's the noisiest cow in the woods!