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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Into the rock pile

The first visitor to this set of course was a dusky-footed wood rat.

No doubt it lives very near by, and it dropped by almost nightly.

The bobcat made an appearance the day after we set the camera.

You see it above as it cautiously entered the recess, which was late morning (11:09).

It didn't linger long, because this was the only picture taken.

But three and a half hours later it was back, and three more pictures were taken.

Additional bobcat visits were on day 4 and day 20.

They looked to be the same cat.


John W. Wall said...

What a great place for the bobcat to have its babies. There's even room service.

Cougarmagic said...

Beautiful bobcat, and perfect lighting in a tricky spot! Nice!

Camera Trap Codger said...

Thanks, me hearties.

Owlman said...

What can I say but you're good man!

BB said...

Great shot !

how to ollie said...

I like your writing style. Nice blog.