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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fred's Bed is Dead

A good friend once told me he'd rather lose a few years of life than abstain from good eating.

That's how Fred felt about Bed.

In a dog's way he loved Bed, but not for sleeping.

Fred's Bed was a wonderful toy, but it was something to be dragged, bitten, and humped with reckless abandon.

Stern admonishment to "Be gentle", got a brief panting pause as he waited for us to go away.

Even if he understood that Bed had a finite life, and that gentle play would make Bed last longer, he wouldn't have cared.

He wanted to enjoy Bed to the fullest.

So Bed was stored behind the closed door of the guest bedroom, and Fred's play dates with it were reserved for special occasions.

Finally our warnings came true. Bed started to lose its stuffing.

This made Bed even more fun to Fred.

We soon tired of re-stuffing Bed and explaining the inevitable.

The time had come.

Last Tuesday Bed was consigned to the trash can.

Fred had loved Bed to death.

And now that Bed is gone, Fred doesn't even miss it.


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! Love 'em & leave 'em, huh? ;)

Owlman said...

Way to go Fred keep Codger out of trouble and on his toes.

Sydney Embry said...

Fred is one smart dog. He got rid of his bed so he could sleep with you and the redhead! :)

Camera Trap Codger said...

Exactly. He sleeps in the bedroom and in the morning wants up on the bed. Very spoiled. But it's true, food testes better with dog hair.

annerose said...

This Dog is Great

DDeden said...

Well a stuffed bed was better for Fred than a waterbed!