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Friday, August 6, 2010

Another reason to own a bandsaw

One of the advantages of having a band saw is cutting frozen food, like a loaf of frozen bread.

You can always take it out and let it thaw, but this isn't an option if (a) you wife has storing it for a special occasion, (b) you are craving real bread with real crust, and (c) there's no decent bread in the house.

Just trim off a few slices on your band saw and discretely return the loaf to the freezer.

Then just toast it to thaw and enjoy.

Of course, you are not going to fool her with any explanation or excuse, and she is not going to marvel at what a good job of slicing you did.

So you'll still have to take your verbal spanking when the time comes -- unless you polish off the whole loaf and it's disappearance becomes a mystery which you blame on failing memory.

On second thought, you'll still have to face the music, which is likely to be a dirge.


PBurns said...

I use my bandsaw to slide massive frozen lasagna's in half -- Costco has the right price, but they are too big!


suek said...

You guys are terrific!!

We don't have a bandsaw...but even if we did, using it to cut frozen foods would never have occurred to me! slice frozen bread??? Your wife must make terrific bread - she _has_ to be complimented that you just couldn't wait for it!

Besides - on her behalf - when your family reduces from "life with kids" to just the two of you, it's really tough to make some stuff for just two people. How do you make a quarter or half loaf of bread! Of course, I suppose she could cut it before she freezes it... Have to think about that one. The crust helps to keep it fresh...

If you slice frozen lasagnas in half - how do you then bake them? You _can't_ slice the baking pan in half! (Well...not without resulting in a massive mess!)

mainly mongoose (Lynda) said...

Perhaps you should leave a ragged edge on the loaf, and then blame a massive population surge in Artic voles.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris
Good idea!