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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another new species of sengi

Thanks to Richard Lair over in Thailand for alerting me to what looks to be another undescribed species of sengi or elephant shrew.

The presumed new species of sengi  announced its existence to the taxasphere through the medium of the camera trap.

This is hard to believe. The same thing happened only a few years ago.

It's as if undescribed species of sengis are clamoring to be photographed by camera traps.

I'm proud to say that friend, colleague, and fellow Cal Academy of Sciences Fellow Galen Rathbun, was one of the first to be notified.

Galen's expertise on sengi's started as a Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya, and he will forever be esteemed at the Smithsonian's National Zoo for opening their magical world to the zoo's staff and visitors.

Watching them puttering about in the dim light of the research building's basement was a humbling zoological experience for many budding biologists, including yours truly.

Here's to sengis! (Gulp)

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