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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chimineas Ranch makes the news

Our Chimineas Ranch carnivore survey made the news in the San Luis Obispo Tribune.

Read about it here, and when you are done write the editor and tell him to give Dave Sneed a raise.

And here's the gray fox mentioned in the article.

I'll post some more of the photos from that visit soon.


Henry said...

Wow! I love the fox on the rock!
Great photo and nice linked article.

Don't know whether your planning something like this soon, but I'm lookign forward to your next batch of Chimineas stats. I would love to see some Google Earth map of Chimineas with the camera sets marked on it...

Anonymous said...

Good article...great photos...the standard!

randomtruth said...

He did a nice job on it. Too bad they didn't include a link to your blog!

Helgen said...

Good stuff Ahab!

Anonymous said...

Great going Codger man and soon you will a legend amongst camera trappers and the like.