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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mountain tigers found

Thanks to Terrierman for bringing this camera-trapping news of mountain tigers to my attention.

Treehugger also gives it concise coverage.

It doesn't surprise me. Wild dogs have also been found way up there too.

Where there are ungulates and no poachers you will find large predators.



tai haku said...

I watched the first show of the series last night; absolutely remarkable. One of the lowland teams got clouded leopard, leopard, leopard cat and tiger on camera trap in pretty short order (as well as a load of other stuff).

tai haku said...

Just saw the last of the series. In all the different locations they camera trapped leopard cat, golden cat, clouded leopard, snow leopard, leopard and tiger plus red panda, tarkin, elephant, asiatic black bear, boar, various monkeys and deer. Absolutely brilliant - I really hope it gets shown in America.