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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Time to wash the bunnies

Periodically the redhead throws Fred's bunnies into the wash, and hangs them out to dry.

That's because periodically Fred's bunnies lose that soft cuddly feeling, become rather crusty with dog saliva, and need a bath.

You see, our post-prandial routine is a game of bunny fetch.

The codger watches the news, eats dessert, and tosses the bunnies from the living room into the kitchen.

Fred retrieves each bunny, drops it in my hand, then sits down and drools and stares at the biscuit on the arm of the couch.

He gets the biscuit when he speaks very softly using his indoor voice -- a very quiet bark or growl through muffled lips.

Using three bunnies reduces the slime factor on each bunny. They just become damp.

Using one bunny can become a messy affair and interfere with enjoying one's dessert.

If those were my bunnies I would be embarrassed to air them on the internet.

But they're Fred's bunnies, and he couldn't care less.


Anonymous said...

At least you didn't air the dirty bunnies.

Anonymous said...

Totally enjoyable post! LOL.

Ottawa, ON

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh! Are you running out of material?

Anonymous said...

Charming photo!


Camera Trap Codger said...

Running out of material? Me? Whatever gave you that idea? LOL

Cornerstoregoddess said...

You're no bunny 'til somebunny slobbers on you??