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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Camera trapping can be emotional

Camera trappers soon learn the agony of defeat, but sooner or later they celebrate the thrill of victory.

It can be a heady experience, as you will see in this footage when famous wildlife photographer Gordon Buchanan  views his camera trap results in the field in Bhutan.


Unknown said...

That is just beautiful! I can imagine the feeling. I have been known to dance around in a little circle upon a good capture...:)

Camera Trap Codger said...

I've seen tyro camtrappers get pretty excited about the most commonplace and mediocre photos, and I have been known to do some John McEnroe victory gestures. Camera trapping is powerful recreation.

Shervin Hess et al said...

Touching and all, but it might be more interesting to see some McEnroe DEFEAT gestures in the middle of the woods. Branches and pinecones flying, etc

biobabbler said...

wow, thank you so much! I posted this and credited you for cluing me in to it. What a wonderful moment and I love that the import is so much bigger than an individual. =) AWESOME!