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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bobcat medley

[75 yards from the house; 1:30 AM, March 8]

Pulled cards on 6 cams this weekend and had a good run on bobcats.

[looks like the same cat in the same place; 2:50 PM, Feb. 25]

You can just make out the spots on the back of the ears. They can only be seen from the front when the cat is crouching in defensive threat with ears laid back. The cat blends well with the dead leaves.

[Marin county, 1:11 AM, Jan. 23.]

This one looked oblivious to the camera. 

Compare the leg bars on this cat and the next one. 

Spotting of the forebody and barring of the forelegs differ in each cat and are more easily distinguished between cats than patterns on the sides and hindquarters.

[same trail; 6:56 PM, Jan 30]

The size of those ears tells me this one is a young adult. There's something in the stance that says "cute little kitty". It also seems unaware of the camera.

[Marin county on a north slope deer trail, 4:25 PM, Jan 15]

And from this angle you can appreciate the rufous in Lynx rufus. Look at those red mudguards.  


Beverly said...

Nice shots, as usual, Chris!

I saw this clip and followed the link to the site...and thought of you. If you've not seen it, it'll make you smile (and the info is good, too!)


Beverly said...

Okay, I continued looking over the whole site...expecting to find your name somewhere (even I know you're THAT good!). While I didn't find you mentioned, I bet you know these folks. LOL The whole thing is way cool...but made me come up with a question.

What kind of lure, does one use to make a bear wanna roll in it, and not just tear things apart and look for food? Bear pee from a bear in heat/rut or whatever it's called? I'm sure I've come to a good source for the answer! :)

John W. Wall said...

Excellent series. Makes me want to get out there and look for 'em in the daytime.

Owlman said...

Hey Codger you got some great kitty photos there. Their markings are absolutely beautiful giving them great camoflage. "Cute" for sure.

Becky said...

Hi. I'm new to your blog and really enjoy it. I'm a Master's student in Michigan doing my thesis project on bobcats in fragmented landscapes. I just started with the camera traps a few months ago, and am having a bit of a hard time finding the cats. Could I possibly email you with some questions? Or any advice you could give would be great! You certainly know how to find them!! Thanks so much!


Camera Trap Codger said...

Yes, that Kate Kendall is some camera trapper, but I am embarrassed to disappoint you, Beverly -- I don't know what to use to make a bear rub. They rub to their own smells, as in the video footage, on rubbing posts. I imagine any kind of bear grease would do the trick, but I've never had to attract them. They find my cameras without any help and destroy them.

Thanks, all, and Becky, just email me at chindwin@sbcglobal.net

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots!! Wow.

Trish Carney said...

Trying post again...
Hi Camera Trap Codger-
I really enjoy your blog especially anytime you have a bobcat medley.

I am a tad smitten with the bobcat myself and I am usually out every weekend on Mt. Tam or around Marin looking for and photographing these fascinating and elusive creatures.

By chance are you or someone you know a wildlife biologist studying the cat? I would love to pick someone's brain so to speak on the cat. I am currently reading Kevin Hansen's book "Bobcat: Master of Survival". I want to learn all I can about the animal and I would like to do a continued photographic portrait of the species.

Anyhow...I enjoy your blog and if you are interested I have a lot of the photos I took of bobcat here in Marin if you are interested in checking out.

Have a great day and I look forward to whatever your camera sees!

Camera Trap Codger said...

Hello, Trish. I am not a bobcat expert, but I am a zoologist/wildlife biologist by training with a specialty in ecology and animal behavior. And I HAVE browsed your great photos with much appreciation.

There have been many studies of bobcats, but to get up to date you should look through recent issues of the Journal of Wildlife Management and the Wildlife Society Bulletin. There you will find those studying the cats now. Good luck and keep up the great work.

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