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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fred finds carrion

[the bone is at his feet -- it's a toothpick in his mouth]

Fred gave me that look of arrested intent.

He knows I become unpleasant when he eats turkey turds.

He has learned to look for approval before eating or diving into anything smelly.

This time he got praise. He found his first carrion yesterday -- a sour smelling leg bone. Deer. Probably tossed out the window of a poacher's pickup.

"Gooood boy!" I gave him a dog biscuit.

Then I let him do his thing.

The old carnivore neck-slide and roll.

We were both pleased with his smelly find.


PBurns said...

I am really liking Fred!!


Mr. Smiley said...


I recall when our Pointer found a defective cesspool up the Russian River one day. My mother washed him three times and he still got out and rolled in "it". Not pleasant for us but he was in his glory.


Owlman said...

"Well Pilgrim" as John Wayne would say
It's a good thing you don't sleep with em!

Anonymous said...

I was looking for info on Don MacNeil and came across your homage. In 1960, I was a student in the library school at UCB and my partner and I were desperately looking for an apartment. We found a notice for an in-law cottage on Skyview Dr. and we went with a bit of hesitation because I am African American and I had already run into some racism looking for a place. Don and his wife rented us the place and we were there for over two years and became family with them, their girls and their two cats, Naga and Puna. I lost years over the years and today decided to look them up on line. I am side to hear that I missed touching base with Don. Do you know if his wife is still in El Ceritto? I persuaded her to go to library school.
Jerry in Savannah