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Monday, March 30, 2009

Table Mountain Pilgrimage

There was a great pilgrimage to Table Mountain this past weekend.

It was the peak weekend for wild flowers.

It's a mixed bag of visitors at this time of year.

Yesterday, a cool wind was gusting at 30 mph, and kite fliers were there in full force.

Most were there for the flowers, and some for birds. A minority were content to eat and drink beer near their cars.

And of course there were those seeking other kinds of dalliance.

We were there to smell the flowers, which is something I was accused of never doing in the midst of my career.

Table Mountain is a premier wildflower area, and an intriguing landscape.

Nowadays it's a plateau, but 30-40 million years ago it was a lava cap with a river running through it.

So my advice to you, good readers, is to get off your butts and drink deeply of spring.

It's always full of promise and the very best time of year.


Mr. Smiley said...

Dear Codg

Looks a bit different from the way it appears in late summer. Nice plants.

Macro said...

Very nice photos :)

Owlman said...

Great day in the foothills and spring has sprung. Where is Table Mt.? Looks like an area for Rigntail cats on the cliffs below?