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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A stroll in Udjung Kulon

I enjoyed a cup of coffee this morning watching a mother and child strolling in the forest of West Java, Indonesia.

The strollers were Javan rhinos, and if you want to see them, click HERE.

It's good to know these beauties are still with us and reproducing.

Thanks to JoEllen for the heads up.


owlman said...

I think i'll celebrate with a fine glass of vino.
Thanks Chris for the great news.

Henry said...

Glad to see the Javan Rhino is still around. I hope they can manage to grow the population to more sustainable/secure numbers.

The article mentions the South African White Rhinos as well. The recent increase in poaching has been a big problem over here. (Some info can be found over here, for those interested: http://www.sanparks.org/about/news/default.php?id=1585 )

Camera Trap Codger said...

Thanks for the information, Henry.