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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Urban Coyotes: Update

The Golden Gate Park coyotes that were shot last week for acting like coyotes were quite possibly parents.

A 5-month-old coyote was hit by a car near that busy stretch of 19th avenue that snakes through the park.

Shortly after the park walker found the carcass he also saw one or possibly two live coyotes of the same size.

The heavy hand of natural selection is again thinning the park's coyote population. Time will tell if the survivor(s) have the right stuff to survive in the city.

I'll keep you posted of any further developments.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I was excited to find your blog on mountain beavers.. I might use one picture in a presentation I am giving in a mammology class (if this is okay) If it is, I am curious to know is this Aplodontia rufa phaea or A. r. nigra. I am mainly talking about A. r. nigra as they are endangered.